Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chest of Drawers ~ Before & After

Hello friends!  It's been a while, I know.  Things have been hectic lately (well, in my mind any way).  I seem to be having trouble keeping things straight in my brain.  There's been lots of "static" in my brain waves!  Not to worry, I'm not hearing voices!  LOL! 

I recently finished a chest of drawers for a client.  I went over to take a look at her existing furniture so I could coordinate this piece. 

Here is the chest before:

This girl has seen A LOT of use!  But, she's all solid wood with no veneer.  Those are the ones I REALLY love! 

Here she is after her make-up was applied:

New mahogany stain and hand rubbed poly on the top. 

Original knobs stripped and stained to match the top.

Sweet little scalloped detail on the bottom really popped after she was painted an antique white.  Honestly, when I purchased this piece, I never even noticed the detail.  It wasn't until after the primer went on that I saw how lovely it was. 

Much better, don't you think? 

Amazing what a little make-up can do for a girl!  ;-)  Okay, once again, I have spent too much time on the computer this morning.  The thing has super natural powers.  I try to stay away from it but every time I walk past it, it sucks me back in!  Geez!  There is no telling how much furniture I could churn out if I could stay off of this BEAST! 


  1. LOVE this! I think this is my favorite so far!

  2. Thanks Sarah! It was fun doing something a little different from my norm! I'm excited to start working outside of my box. I've got some BIG ideas! Hey! Maybe we could do your TV console something like this if you want!