Monday, November 28, 2011

Clueless Blogger

Yep!  That's me......  the COMPLETELY clueless blogger.  All this "linking up" has me frustrated beyond belief.  Post your link, put this button on your blog, etc.  Well, I would gladly do that if I could figure out HOW!  Ugh!  I desperately want to connect with others and figure out this big bad blog land.  I don't claim to set the World on fire in the smarts department but come on!  How hard could it be?  I see that I'm capable of many things but this has me stumped.  SARAH!!!!  Calling my blog savvy bestie!!!  NEED SOME HELP OVER HERE!  After all, you're the one who talked me into this blog thing!  Need technical support!  ;-)

Maybe one day I'll set the blogasphere (is that a word?  did I spell it right?  GEEZ!) on fire but for tonight, I'll share a sweet little project with you.  You may have read somewhere here that I'm so thankful for Facebook.  I've met so many amazing people but one in particular, my sweet friend April who lives in Maine.  We met each other through some Zynga game.  And people say those games are stupid and a waste of time.  I beg to differ!  While I no longer play them (too much painting to be done), look what happened as a result of the countless hours I spent raising crops and feeding animals!  I met one of my dearest friends.  While we have never met in person, we chat on the phone regularly and know so much about one another and support each other through good and tough times.  April is an amazing person and I am so blessed to have her in my life. 

I posted this sad looking shelf for sale.  April jumped right in and said she wanted it! 

We chatted on the phone and chose a color. 

A lovely shade of green! 

With a black glaze and some light distressing. 

This girl has beautiful curves! 

And 3 little pegs at the bottom! 

I love this piece and hope that April will love just as much!  I must sign the back with a sweet message to my friend to let her know how grateful I am for her friendship! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Mine was different this year but different can be good.  I spent the day with my two guys and it was very peaceful and I have a lot to be thankful for! 

Till next time!  Got a chest of drawer reveal coming up very soon! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fun With A Staple Gun

I hijacked hubby's electric staple gun about a year ago when I decided to recover my dining room chairs.  I've been in love ever since.  If you don't have one, you MUST get one!  Put it on your Christmas wish list! 

Over the weekend, I finally decided that enough time had passed for me to ONCE AGAIN work with the "Double Yucks".  After admiring their paint makeover for a while, the memories of their difficulty started to fade.  It was time to give them some clothes. 

For years my mom had been using chair pads on them.  You know the ones that tie on?  Inevitably, the ties would break and it was a constant battle with the cushions.  So, I decided I'd put a more permanent cushion on them to end her struggles.  I went back and forth as to how I was going to put the fabric on them.  Initially, I was going to make a new seat with plywood, cover that and attach from the bottom with screws.  After a lot of thought, I scrapped that idea.  Mostly because I was feeling lazy and I didn't feel like dealing with the saw.  Not to mention that I usually work on a whim and when I decide I want to do something, I can't be bother with small details like the fact that I didn't have the wood or wood screws. 

It's kind of hard to see in the before picture but they have a curved groove at the back of the seat.  I had some furniture nails, so I decided that I would use them along the curve and then wrap the fabric around the seat and staple it underneath.  Here's how it turned out. 

(yes, that is a dog behind the chair.  My neurotic Yorkie, Duncan.  He has a few issues)

I wasn't sure how I felt about nail heads in general.  They always reminded me of a very hideous 70's chair from my childhood.  However, I have definitely changed my tune now!  In fact, every thing I do in the future may be adorned with these lovelies!  I think they bring a bit of sophistication to this otherwise plain and boring chair.  OH, and the best part is the fabric!  Guess were I found it??????  The clearance rack at KMart.  Yup!  But you say.....  "KMart doesn't sell fabric"?  Nope but they do sell curtains.  I picked up two panels for $6 each (that will be $3 per chair when I get around to doing the other two).  Oh how I love a bargain! 

Now, the true test will be whether or not my mom likes them.  Our tastes are quite different.  Her fabric choice would probably be very bright vivid colors in a paisley or floral patter and that's what I intended to do but when I saw these curtains, I just knew it was right.  Hopefully, she will be okay with it.  If not, it can easily be changed. 

Well, it's the day before Thanksgiving and I'm sitting on my screen porch in shorts.  I LOVE this weather but it certainly doesn't feel like the end of November.  Everything is different this year, without Daddy.  I don't even know what's for dinner tomorrow.  Hubby says steaks and I'm okay with that.  Not really feeling the traditional thing this year.  Time to start new traditions I think.  So, little Pig Pen (my son) and I will decorate the Christmas tree tomorrow (while still wearing our shorts and flip flops).  ;-) 

I hope that everyone has a great day tomorrow and has countless things to be thankful for!!  Happy Thanksgiving! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ta Da!

Here she is!  The antique dresser that is FINALLY completed!  She's all re-finished and ready to go back home. 

I won't bore you with the before pics again.  Let's just say that she was pretty banged up! 

Now, she's quite lovely!  While I prefer painting, this was pretty rewarding.  I feel so good about re-storing something from the 1930's back to it's original beauty.  I won't lie and say that it didn't kick my butt but it was worth all the long hours. 

Oh, and how about my photo editing?  Impressed, aren't you?  Seriously, this picture thing is bothering me.  I have several dilemmas in that area.  First of all, I'm currently working on my back porch with no access to get large pieces in and out by myself.  Muscle Man fixed that problem today by bringing home 4 thingies (i know they have a name but don't care to take the time to find out what that is) with wheels that you place under the furniture.  So, that's a plus!  He's sweet like that or perhaps he's tired of moving furniture.  Hmmm..  Second problem is that my house is on the small side and a little dark.  So, inside pictures aren't working out so good!  That's why you see the blue behind the dresser.  I had it sitting in front of my china cabinet and I've moved this thing 1000 times by myself and I was over it!  My solution?  Put a blanket over the hutch on the china cabinet.  And there ya' go!  That's the redneck princess's solution to that problem!  Done and moving on to the next project. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Life is Good!

With the beautiful weather we've been having down South, I almost forgot about the Holidays (until I just heard an obnoxious reminder from the TV sound waves wafting their way back to my serene porch).  One of my men left the back door open.  We need to have a family meeting about shielding Mom from the Christmas commercials.  How dare they interrupt my fantasy that it's really May! 

I spent my day outside in the beautiful sunshine sanding this girl.  I'm not sure what the temperature reached today but at 4:00 it was 78 degrees.  I can't begin to tell you how happy that makes me! 

This chick is my new best friend!  I fall in love very easily, if you haven't already figured that out.  Doesn't take much to make this simple gal happy!  She's solid and easy to get along with.....  my kind of girl!  As soon as I got down to her raw, natural beauty I was grinning from ear to ear!  She, along with the weather, made me realize today how very blessed I am.  I don't claim to have a perfect life but I am so grateful for the life I have.  I have two guys who love me beyond measure (despite all of my flaws).  We have a sweet little house that is all ours.  I have so many blessings and I feel ashamed during those "down" times when I don't give thanks for them every day. 

Today was awesome.  Nothing "spectacular" happened.  It was just a very calm day with warmth and simplicity.  I love those days! 

The antique dresser is finished and will be making her way back home this week.  Been waiting for the Poly to dry completely before attaching her mirror for an after pic.  Coming to you tomorrow, hopefully! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Makin' Progress

Been feeling a bit bogged down with the two projects I've been working on.  I must learn to not underestimate the complexity of certain things and NOT try to do two of those things at ONCE.  I'm my own worst enemy! 

I'm happy to report that I'm finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel and have made great progress. Been refinishing an antique dresser for a customer.  I'll give you a sneak peak of where I am.

Honestly, this was a little scary since the ends are veneer and I knew sanding wasn't going to be an option.  After 3 cans of miracle liquid, Formby's Furniture Refinisher, those scratches faded into a distant memory. 

Voila!  I'm in love with Mr. Formby.  He's da' man! 

A little crumb snatcher has etched their initial on one of the drawers.  Yikes! 

Sorry, kid.  Mr. Formby out smarted you!  Ha! 

She's all stripped and has a fresh coat of Mahogany stain.  All that's left to do is apply the rub on poly top coat.  When I get her all put back together, I'll let you feast your eyes on all of her beauty. 

Then there's these girls that I referred to as the "Double Yucks".  You might remember that I was having quite a time trying to strip the 5 million layers of top coat off of them. 

This picture is bringing back some ugly memories!  There may have been some unpleasant things words said to these girls at their refusal to give up the top coat. 

FINALLY, they have been transformed.  Black paint with a chocolate glaze and a polycryllic top coat.  I'm planning to make upholstered seats for them but I think that will wait a little while.  We really need a break from each other! 

Sweet and oh so much better!  (Sarah, if you're out there, I need some photography lessons ASAP!  Help!)

Can't wait to finish up the dresser because I've got some other projects that I'm itching to get started on!!!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

How Sissy Got Her Groove Back - Keeping it Real!

My last post was a bit of a downer, I admit it.  So many emotions are running rampant these days.  Lots to think about, lots to be sad about, lots to be ELATED about, lots of things to look forward to, lots of things to miss.  You get where I'm going with this, right?  I'm an emotional CLUSTER!  But, ya' know what?  I think that's okay.  I could get all down on myself and not share this roller coaster of emotions and keep the craziness to myself  and have a "fru, fru" blog but I've spent the majority of my life keeping my feelings a secret (with the exception of those that come out in my crazy facial expressions....  but that's another story!)  The bottom line is, I think emotions are meant to be shared.  I no longer see that as a sign of weakness,  On the contrary, I see it as a sign of true strength.  It takes courage to say what's on your mind and how you're feeling and getting past the wondering of how you'll be judged for it.  I always thought it was the strong person who put on brave face during times of sadness.  I came to realize that's an actual sign of weakness.  I don't want to be weak anymore!  I speak often about my daddy and how his Cancer and death have affected me.  I often think people are tired of hearing about it but then I think, this is my blog and my voice.  People don't have to read it if they don't want to, right?  This is the place that I can come and say what I feel.  I'm pretty used to people not wanting to hear what's on my mind but I figure this is the best place to "let it all hang out!"  Confession is good for the soul.  It's always been easier for me to write what I'm feeling versus verbalizing it.  So, this blog has been very therapeutic for me.  And, one of the most important things my father taught me, just before his passing, was that what others think "just doesn't really matter."  That's what he said when planning his own funeral.  He made it abundantly clear that we let his pall bearers (who he called himself and asked if they would do this for him) that they should be themselves, not worry about what to wear....  wear their jeans or overalls or whatever they have because "it just doesn't matter".  Thank you Daddy!!!  You are right, "it just doesn't matter".  Being true to yourself and realizing what is truly important in life is ALL that matters! 

So, let's move on to how I got my groove back.  (I told you my thoughts are a cluster!)  The last few days have been hard.  Hearing all the Christmas jingles and commercials on TV and going to the stores and trying to take in all the decorations.  Geez!  I've been overwhelmed with emotions.  I couldn't seem to find my motivation!  I've had this antique dresser that I am to re-finish for a client for quite some time.  My time line (by Thanksgiving) was pressing down on me.  So this morning, I busted out the Formby's Furniture Refinsher and got to work.  I always work better under pressure.  The results were amazing.  I was a bit nervous taking on this project because I don't have any experience refinishing furniture but I did SO much research and came to the conclusion that Formby's was the the route I needed to take. 

Before Formby's:

After Formby's: 

Holy Moly!  I'm so impressed with what this stuff can do!!!!  I was worried about all the scratches but after Formby's they were gone!  I'm so excited to continue working on this piece and know that it's going to be so beautiful!!!  All it took to set me straight was a lot of seashells, hot glue and, today, a bottle of miracle chemicals!  I've got my groove back and I'm raring to go!  Stay tuned for this gorgeous girl's reveal! 

Now, if someone could just take away the "commercial" Christmas, I'd REALLY be on top of the World!  This year, I'm going to focus on a Christ filled Christmas because that's what it's truly about!  God has wrapped his arms around me since losing my father.  He's given me the gift of clarity that I will forever be grateful for!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Feeling "sea crafty" and lots of other things

I've been a bad blogger lately.  Actually, I've been a bad everything lately.  I seem to have, temporarily, lost my groove or passion for everything.  With the Holidays upon me, my stupid hormones raging, the cold icky weather (which I plainly LOATH),  a hyper 8 year old boy with dyslexia.....  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed!  Trying to come to terms with spending Thanksgiving and Christmas without my daddy seems to have gotten a hold on me that I can't quite shake.  I truly wish I could skip it all and fast forward to May of next year!!!  If I could bypass the next 5 months, I could skip all the emotions of facing family time with a major player missing.  I could bypass all the cold, grey and dark days that are coming.  I wish I could just be sitting on the front of the boat with the sun beating down on me and salt spray in my face.  It's the only time and place I truly feel free! 

So, I guess that's why I sat down last night with my glue gun, a 5 gallon bucket of shells and some rope and started working.  I'm a little backward.  Most people are making Holiday wreaths and decorations.  Not me!  Here's what I've been working on. 

Takes me back to my happy place!  I used to get so excited about the Holidays.  This year, I'm just not feeling it.  Put plainly, it's HARD!  But, this too shall pass.  I'll get through it to see another beautiful Spring and busting waves on the Ocean with my men.  Hey, if playing with seashells is what gets me through....  I'm going to be okay!