Sunday, January 15, 2012

Apothecary Jars and the curse of OCD

I've been having so much fun messing with this and that lately.  I've been all over the board!!!!  If a person could get inside my mind, I'm certain it would make them dizzy.  I probably need to take a few steps back from the World Wide Web.  There are so many ideas out there, well, it could drive this girl over the edge.  Not that I have all that far to go, mind you.  I have a "touch" of (actually full blow) OCD..  I get all these projects in my mind going and then the fact that they are unfinished haunts me.  The OCD makes me work very slowly because every detail must be precise.  Therefore, every piece I've bought and stored away calls my name.  Then there's the fact that my house looks like a cross between Hobby Lobby and a wood shop which is driving me insane.  You've got the obsessive....  which is the buying and creating and then the compulsive which can't tolerate disorganization.  It's a double edged sword people!!!  I'm working my way through it though!!  Believe it or not I've mellowed in my old age.  LOL!!!! 

When I walk into a thrift store, I can't stay focused on searching for just one category of items.  I see this and go  "oooooh!!!" and I see that and go "oooh!!!"  I really need to learn to talk to myself before entering the doors.  The conversation needs to go like this, "Okay girl, we're looking for furniture today!  Do not approach the glassware, picture frames or ANYTHING other than furniture".  Gotta work on that! 

BUT, I've been seeing all these pretty DIY apothecary jars on the Internet like these. 

And these

I really wanted to make some.  They are just TOO cute!!!!  So, in my thrifting travels, I was on the lookout for candle sticks that I could paint and then add empty jars with spray painted lids.  Much to my surprise, I stumbled upon some REAL apothecary jars.  You'd have thought I just hit the million dollar lottery!!!!  Then, my whole mindset had to change.  Searching, searching for candle holders to fit the jars.  Luck would have it that I have found the honey hole of thrift stores!  There are shelves of stuff packed so tightly that you are afraid if you move one item, the whole thing will come tumbling down!  (taking Pig Pen in there makes my hiney tight and sends shivers down my spine!!!)  Stuff has probably been there for 10....  20 years.  It's a "picking" experience not a thrifting experience!  That's one of the perks of living in a rural area with so many tiny towns nearby. 

So, after finding the jars, I lucked up and found these.

My stars must have been aligned perfectly that day!  The one in the back was a ceramic class creation by Dot circa 1967.  It was orange but I had already hit it with primer before I remembered to take the picture.  The other two were the EXACT same style but in two different paint finishes.  What are the chances of that?  Ideally, I would have liked all three to be different since the jars were all different but, hey, thrifters can't be choosers! 

I primed them and mixed up a concoction of chalk paint using plaster of paris, water, and Martha Stewart's Seaglass.  I painted them ,waxed them and glued the jars on.  And TA~DA! 

The second picture is more true to the actual color (a seafoam green).  My photography skills plainly suck!  But, I have to let that go!  Can't get obsessed with THAT too! 

Here's the kicker.  These apothecary jars and a little light house votive candle holder project I'm working on have sparked the idea of a bathroom makeover.  (big sigh).  Adding ANOTHER project to my scattered brain's agenda!!!! 

It's all good!!!  While I do drive myself crazy, the truth is I ALWAYS have.  No matter what I'm doing, whether it's designing a custom kitchen or painting a thrift store find.  I'm always my own worst critic and over analyzing every detail.  The beauty of my life today is, I CAN slow down to the pace that I'm comfortable with and start taking life in stride.  The "business politics" end is out of it and now it's all about the creating.  I still have alot of work to do in the "not driving myself crazy" department but atleast now it's just ME doing it! 
That's right folks!  I'm a little crazy but the first step is understanding and accepting your "issues" because we all have them.  Next step is finding your place in the World where your "issues" work for you rather than against you.  I've NEVER been more content!  I've been blessed with two guys who love me for who I am...  they always have.  I just had to learn to love and accept me too.   

Embrace and love who you are!!