Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coastal Cutie

I had been eyeing this unique shadow box table for a couple of months.  The price was just too high for my liking.  So, I waited and then I waited some more.  Finally, my buddy at the thrift store, Todd was willing to negotiate to a price that I was comfortable with.  So, I brought her home! 

She was a dirty, dusty mess!

But, she was so unique!  The gold velvet interior HAD to go.  The first time I saw her, I knew that she was meant to display shells and other beach treasures.  I'm a coastal girl at heart.  It's where I long to be and I make my way to there every chance I get! 

Here she is now. 

Can't you smell the salt air and pluff mud?  Yes, I'm weird.  I actually love the smell of pluff mud (or as most South Carolinians call it, "fluff" mud.  We truly do butcher the English language but I love being a Carolina girl).  For anyone who may not be familiar with pluff mud, it is the black gooey mud found in  inlets and salt water marshes and it has a potent aroma that many find offensive.  Not me!  At the first sight of the inlets, as we are driving South, I roll down my window and take in a deep breath!  Ahhhhh....  my heart is back home where it belongs. 

I really need a better camera and some photography lessons.  Paging Sarah!  Hint, hint.  Are you out there?  My BFF takes AMAZING pictures.  Me, not so much. 

I think she might make a nice addition to my blue & white coastal inspired Christmas theme.  My wheels are spinning!  I can see twinkling lights, blue and white ornaments and, of course, shells inside that shadow box. 

I need to stop flapping my gums about Christmas and get started on my next project.  Two OLD rocking chairs for a customer!  Yay!!!! 

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  1. I'm here! Ohh! That would look so cool with your tree with shells and that shell wreath too. Wonder if Todd's willing to negotiate on the kitchen thing yet???? After how school went today I think I'm going to bail on Charlie and just go back to thrifting!