Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nanny's Chair

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was working on a tiny sewing rocker.  I'm so happy to say that she is done!  I wasn't sure it would happen today, despite my good intentions.  On the way home from lunch at Shealy's BBQ (an awesome family owned restaurant, one town over, with everything you could imagine including awesome fried chicken gizzards and livers.....  yes, I'm a true blue Southern girl who just got sidetracked) I spotted a thrift store.  Duh?  Ya' know I made hubby turn around!  O-M-G!  I found the honey hole!  I could have stayed there all day digging.  After about an hour, hub's patience wore out.  My son and I were in Hog Heaven!  My little man was yelling every few minutes, "Mom!!!!  I found something you HAVE TO SEE!  I just love him!  He's a boy after my own heart.  He loves him some good junk!!! 

So, hubby says he wants to go home.  Reluctantly, I agreed.  Then, I asked the cashier about other thrift stores in the area.  She filled me in on the 411 of Batesburg thrift shops.  My wheels were spinning!!  Little man wants to know which one we are going to next as hubby is rolling his eyes.  He tells us to just take him home and then go back if we like.  Ya' know we did!  Spent most of the day pickin'!  I can't wait to go back next week. 

Oh yeah!  The rocking chair.  Here she is before. 

She's itty bitty tiny with little ball and claw feet.  CUTE!  The cane seat was busted and because I don't know how to cane (I hope to learn some day) I had to get creative.  Here she is now. 

She's funky!  She's a cross between Donnie and Marie....  a little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll.  I'm calling her Nanny's chair and here is why.  After I finished the "Perfume on a Pig" table, I was happily sanding this girl.  She was much more cooperative.  So, I'm in my own little world, sanding with the full intention of painting her black.  That's when I heard a voice saying, "For Pete's sake!  Please tell me you're not going to paint over that beautiful wood!?"  Huh?  Nanny, is that you?  Nanny is my great grandmother and she was known to be a little lot bossy.  Fine time for you to show up.  You've been gone for 20+ years and you decide to talk to me now about a CHAIR?  I tried to push her opinions out and continue on my intended path but she wasn't letting up.  Enough already!  So, we compromised.  I stained the majority with a traditional Cherry but I had to paint the seat because I had to use wood putty in many spots due to the original cane.  This is what I came up with.  She's definitely one of a kind.  Nanny must be happy because she has left me alone since I busted out the STAIN!  


  1. Hi there! So glad you found me.....I'm following you now too! Welcome....

  2. Can't wait to hit those "new" thrift shops! Wahoo! She turned out beautifully!