Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let me introduce myself!

I’m so glad you stopped by Sissy’s Salvation! I hope you’ll find inspiration here to salvage old furniture and other items, that have been discarded, and give them some love and a new life. I LOVE thrift stores. My only problem with them is there aren’t enough. One on every corner would be Heaven!!! I guess that makes me an addict?

My love for thrifted furniture started a few years ago when I found myself on a strict budget but needed some furniture for my bedroom. I went to my local thrift store and God shined down on me. There it was! A sturdy head board and two night stands that were solid pieces…… $25! Yeah baby! I immediately took them home and started painting. I’ve been hooked ever since.

So, you may ask, “why did you start a blog and why did you call it Sissy’s Salvation?” Let me count the ways because there are so many. I started this blog at the harrassment encouragement of my BFF, Sarah. (Girl, you know I love you and appreciate the push. J ) She’s my biggest supporter and cheerleader! Finally, I gave in. Maybe she’s on to something, I thought. Why not share my finds and re-do’s with others who love it as much as I do? Also I’m hoping that, one day, I might be able to sell some of my new life pieces so my husband will stop looking at me like I’ve lost my mind when he comes home and sees another piece of “junk” in the back of his truck.

The name, Sissy’s Salvation, holds great sentiment for me. The word, salvation, is two fold. Finding these amazing pieces and giving them new life is my salvation. It brings me a great sense of peace. The restoration process is also a salvation for the items that have been discarded. It’s a win-win folks!
Sissy is the nickname my father gave me when I was a baby. Never once did he call me by my given name. When I went to kindergarten and the teacher called role and used my real name, I didn’t respond. “What? Who’s that?”

My father was diagnosed with secondary bone Cancer in April, 2010. At the time, I was working as a custom kitchen designer and had been doing it for 10 years. While I did love it and felt very fulfilled at the end of each project, it was very demanding and stressful. For the large majority of those years, I worked from home while caring for my son. It was tough, let me tell ya’. Dealing with contractors, homeowners and crying baby can be a bit much.

When my father was diagnosed, I made a decision (with the support of my hubby) to quit my job so I could be with Daddy through all of his treatments. I did just that and it was a blessing. I will be FOREVER grateful for the time I had with him. Sadly, my dear father passed away in April of 2011. My heart was (and still is) shattered. There was nothing I could do to save my father’s life but I can save the life of old, discarded furniture. It’s a resurrection, of sorts, and it holds a lot of meaning for me. When I walk into a thrift store, I look at each piece and wonder where it came from and the story of it’s life. If only they could talk……. oh boy, the stories they could tell.

So, here I am. I’m a simple Southern girl, born and raised in SC, with a big heart. I want to do something in life that brings joy (to myself and others) as I have learned, from Daddy, that life is too short to be anything but at peace.  Thanks to God and my beautiful little family that I have the opportunity to do this!
I hope you’ll stop by often to see what I have salvaged and take the journey with me to give new life to the old and the discarded.

Peace and love,

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