Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Labor of Love

I finished Brett's rocking chairs!!!  I feel like celebrating.  This was a true labor of love and, while they will never be perfect, I'm thrilled with the outcome.  These girls were in serious need of some TLC. 

Do you remember them before? 

YIKES!  Lots of scraping and sanding but well worth it. 

Aren't they lovely?  So simple and classic.  Now Brett's wife can actually use her grandmother's chairs and rock till her heart is content.  It's rewarding to give new life to an old piece of furniture but even more so when there are memories and stories attached.

Makes me wish for a Mint Julep!  Southern Belles they are! 

I was working on a serious timeline with these ladies.  Not just because Brett's wife's birthday is fast approaching but also because I'm heading to the Coast on Saturday for a week in beautiful historical Beaufort.  My happy place!  I can smell the "fluff" mud already!  I'm going to sit on the dock and watch the sunset every evening and watch the dolphins swim by.  Can't wait!  I'm SO ready.  Well, mentally, I'm ready.  I haven't packed the first thing or shopped or done the laundry.  I have nothing ready.  I've got two days left though so I'll be okay.  I'm actually not stressed about it.  That is HUGE for me!!!!  Stress used to be my middle name. 

I've always been the World's biggest worry wart but not anymore.  My 5th grade teacher actually wrote in my year book, "To my favorite worry wart."  So, if I was that much of a worrier at 10, you can imagine what the adult years have been like. 

I give credit for my new found peace to my daddy and to God.  There's nothing like watching someone you love go through the dying process to make you realize how precious EVERY day is.  Life is too short to stress over trivial matters or those things that you cannot control.  There's no gift more wonderful than the sense of peace.  I'm SO thankful for the peace I've found in Sissy's Salvation.  Somehow, I know Daddy is watching with that sweet, gentle grin of his and that makes my heart smile. 

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