Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Out of Touch

I've been a little out of touch the last two weeks.  Went on vacation, and it was great, but I'm glad to be back home in my new found salvation.  For the majority of my life, I hated to see vacation come to an end.  I would begin the very first day counting down how many days I had left.  Not anymore!  I have found my comfort zone and I could NOT wait to get back home and start painting! 

However, any time I'm on salt water with my boys my heart sings.  Here's what we saw this week. 

Beautiful SC marsh views from our deck.

Breath taking sunsets! 

My "happy" place, Bay Point.  This is my deserted island that brings my heart so much peace.  You think you can just reach up and touch a cloud. 

This beach goes on forever!  I can't express how blessed I feel every time my feet hit these sands.  I know that I am one of the very few people who ever walk it.  There's just something so sacred about that! 

My sweet husband waits patiently for me as I explore.  The tides are too high and rough to put the anchor down so he can't join us.  He simply waits.  SWEET MAN! 

Look what I found on "my" island!!!!  Shells galore!  I'm so freakin' happy, I don't know what to do with myself!!!! 

Is there anything more beautiful than seashells?  I could spend days, weeks, months picking these up and NEVER get bored.  Every one is different!  I guess, "junkin'" is in my blood.  Whether it's a deserted beach or a thrift store, I could hunt and search FOREVER!  Hidden treasure is what I love!

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