Saturday, December 3, 2011

Back Out!

Yep....  that's right..... my back is OUT!!!  I scored some fabulous stuff on Friday but got a little cocky in thinking that I was still 20 years old and could move all this furniture around by myself.  It's a pride issue!  I could have just left it all in the back of the truck and waited till hubby got home.  BUT, there's this "thing" i possess within me that says, "ha!  I don't need help...  I can do it myself....  watch me!"  Well, I did it myself
alright!  Did it up real good! 

First, I unloaded this very heavy solid wood piece!  

Then a sewing machine table with the sewing machine still inside!~ HEAVY

The second sewing maching table with sewing machine still intact! 

And two cute chairs.  Okay, these weren't heavy and I'm sure they didn't contribute to my back injury but I didn't want to leave them out! 

There was also a milk glass chandelier that I just remembered is in the front seat of the truck.  In my pain, I forgot about it.  Just tried to talk Pig Pen into going out and getting it and he said, "NO!  It's scary out there in the dark!"  (sigh) 

So, as I've spent the weekend walking like a wounded duck and my son laughing his butt off at me (love you too baby) I could only work on upholstery yesterday and that was a challenge.  One second, everything is fine but then I make the slightest move and it feels like I've been stabbed in the back with a knife.  I move (very slowly), make a wrong move, the stabbing pain hits and I scream.  Then Pig Pen yells, "Mom, are you okay!!?"  Yes. son, I'll make it and then he's doubled over in laughter as he watches me try to walk all hunched over like a 100 year old person.  He even asked if he and Dad should go to the store and get me a walker or a wheel chair.  Ya' gotta love the children!!!! 

And then, today, I really had to swallow my pride and ask hubby if he could go pick up two pieces from a client and get them unloaded by himself.  I guess all those hours he spends at the gym pumping iron finally came in handy.  So, my pride has come back to bite, ONCE AGAIN! 

Please pray with me that my back will recover quickly as there is SO much to be done and also so I can be relieved of the humiliation of walking like a duck with a stick up it's &#% !

Fun times at Sissy's Salvation right now! 

Hope your weekend has been better than mine.  ;-) 

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  1. I'm sorry your back is still out. After several, several years I've finally started listening to my body and stopping before it becomes a problem. I remember when I would just move wrong and BAM, there was that horrendous back pain that I knew would stick around for at least a week. Man, that really sucks. Wanna borrow my cane??!!