Monday, November 28, 2011

Clueless Blogger

Yep!  That's me......  the COMPLETELY clueless blogger.  All this "linking up" has me frustrated beyond belief.  Post your link, put this button on your blog, etc.  Well, I would gladly do that if I could figure out HOW!  Ugh!  I desperately want to connect with others and figure out this big bad blog land.  I don't claim to set the World on fire in the smarts department but come on!  How hard could it be?  I see that I'm capable of many things but this has me stumped.  SARAH!!!!  Calling my blog savvy bestie!!!  NEED SOME HELP OVER HERE!  After all, you're the one who talked me into this blog thing!  Need technical support!  ;-)

Maybe one day I'll set the blogasphere (is that a word?  did I spell it right?  GEEZ!) on fire but for tonight, I'll share a sweet little project with you.  You may have read somewhere here that I'm so thankful for Facebook.  I've met so many amazing people but one in particular, my sweet friend April who lives in Maine.  We met each other through some Zynga game.  And people say those games are stupid and a waste of time.  I beg to differ!  While I no longer play them (too much painting to be done), look what happened as a result of the countless hours I spent raising crops and feeding animals!  I met one of my dearest friends.  While we have never met in person, we chat on the phone regularly and know so much about one another and support each other through good and tough times.  April is an amazing person and I am so blessed to have her in my life. 

I posted this sad looking shelf for sale.  April jumped right in and said she wanted it! 

We chatted on the phone and chose a color. 

A lovely shade of green! 

With a black glaze and some light distressing. 

This girl has beautiful curves! 

And 3 little pegs at the bottom! 

I love this piece and hope that April will love just as much!  I must sign the back with a sweet message to my friend to let her know how grateful I am for her friendship! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Mine was different this year but different can be good.  I spent the day with my two guys and it was very peaceful and I have a lot to be thankful for! 

Till next time!  Got a chest of drawer reveal coming up very soon! 


  1. Whacho want me for??? We can have a "sesion" in your porch whenever you want one. You know how to get ahold of me. I'm happy to help in the blogosphere land! (Ambiem, just a little)


  2. A lot of help you would have been if I had texted you for help only to find you jacked up on Ambien. LOL! However, I found out today that getting that button on my blog was much easier when I'm drinking tea instead of wine! I should definitely do this blog related stuff BEFORE Happy Hour! Ha!

  3. cute shelf, I'm glad you toned it down with the dark glaze! :)
    I'd be happy to help you with linking if you still want/need help.

  4. Gail, I know you are the master with all the links and give aways, etc. I'm sure that I will be asking for your help in the future. I'm COMPLETELY clueless but I want to learn!!! Thanks for offering your help. I'll definitely take you up on it!!!!