Friday, September 23, 2011

The Power of Prayer

Okay.  So, I know this blog was started with the intention of talking about furniture re-do's and I promise there are more coming.  I've been working hard (although I'm slow) re-inventing some amazing old pieces of furniture.  Got a sweet little rocker that is almost ready for her reveal.  Stay tuned.  Hopefully, she'll be ready tomorrow. 

In the meantime, I felt compelled to write about my sudden sense of peace.  I'm not sure I can truly express the pain I've felt during the last 17 months since my father was diagnosed with Cancer and witnessing his dying process and trying to wrap my brain around the fact that he is gone from my sight.  I can no longer touch him or feel his sweet hugs or hear his gentle voice.  I'll never again hear him call my name "Sissy".  Every emotion a person could feel, I think I've felt it.  There was a time, just recently, when the pain was more than I could handle. For the first time in my life, I fell to my knees and I begged and pleaded to my Lord to help me.  Please dear God, help heal this overwhelming pain in my heart.  Please help me to find some peace. 

It brings tears to my eyes to say that He heard me. I woke up one day and everything seemed so much clearer.  I had a confidence and lack of fear that I have NEVER possessed.   It was just there....  mine for the taking.  To say that I'm the World's biggest chicken *&$@ is an understatement.  I woke up one Saturday morning and the wheels in my mind were spinning 100 miles per minute.  So many ideas of what the rest of my life could be.  My first thought was how I could turn my love for old furniture and old discarded items into a business.  Then, low and behold, my BFF ,Sarah showed up the very next day and mentioned that she thought I could sell my furniture re-do's.  WHAT???  How did that happen?  Did she just read my mind?  My loving Lord heard me!  I'd like to think that my daddy heard me too and that he's watching over me and helping me find the peace that I desperately need.  The peace he would want for me. 

All I know is that prayer works.  But, it only works when you are willing to bare your soul....  get down on your knees and surrender all that you are.  I don't know if this furniture thing will ever turn into a business but I don't care.  I'm just so grateful that God helped me find the peace I desperately needed and that I'm doing something that I love and brings me peace of mind. 

I give thanks to God for hearing me and helping me in my time of despair.  I'm not a religious person.  I've always considered myself to be a spiritual person.  I don't have strong beliefs or preferences of one religion over the other.  All I know is that prayer is a powerful thing!

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