Saturday, September 17, 2011

Redneck Princess

If you read my profile, you saw that I've been known to sleep on a boat, under the stars.  You also know that I call myself a "Redneck Princess".  To some, my life would be considered a little crazy but, for me, it's perfect.  Yes, I sleep on an open boat with my two guys in a a queen size sleeping bag.  The accomodations aren't ideal, especially when a thunderstorm pops up during the night.  I wake up in the morning with hair so big it would make you do a double take.  So thick with salt I can't get my fingers though it.  Good thing my husband thinks messy hair is sexy.  Ha! 

My one requirement is hot coffee when I wake up.  This is where the 'princess" part comes in.  My hubby put a generator and coffee pot on the boat to ensure that I have my coffee.  I might be a redneck but I do have my standards!!!! 

We go 20 to 30 miles offshore to deep sea fish which, I will tell you, is a freakin' blast!  My little man rides the entire 20+ miles standing at the front of the boat, holding on to a rope and busting waves and laughing the whole way. It makes my heart smile. 

There's nothing quite like being in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight.  The things you see there are amazing!  HUGE sea turtles, dolphins, baracuda......  and the fishing is divine.  If you get over the fish, as quickly as you drop your line 100+ feet, you get a bite.  It's a work out, let me tell ya'.  I come back with bruises all over my arms from fighting those beasts but it's an adrenaline rush beyond belief! 

I also told you that I don't mind sweat and grime or hard work if the end result is beautiful.  Well, I thought I'd show the end result so maybe you won't question my sanity.  :) 

This is the beautiful painted sky I get to witness every evening.  I have a front row seat! 

Beautiful sunsets! 
God's light! 

Undisturbed beaches accesible only by boat.  Shells galore! 

Most of all, time with my two men!  Completely away from the rest of the World.  No interruptions or diversions.  Just us.....  the three of us.....  our little family so full of love. 

So, you see, being a "Redneck Princess" is a beautiful thing.  For me, it's perfect!   

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